PeopleSoft and Web Consulting

Welcome to the Pure Performance website. Our  goal is to inform you about our company, provide the latest information and techniques in PeopleSoft and web site strategy, design, and development,  answer your questions and serve you with a customized approach to your business; one that provides you with the platform and content that ultimately engages your customers.

PeopleSoft  Management and Development

Pure Performance specializes in PeopleSoft Financials,  HRMS,  and Application Upgrades.   We have extensive knowledge and experience with PeopleSoft upgrades, conversions, installation, enhancing and supporting PeopleSoft.

What we offer that other PeopleSoft consultants don’t:

  1. Performance Tuning of Application Engine, on-line processing, & SQR.
  2. Installation and upgrade assistance.
  3. Conversion Specialists, with emphasis on speed and accuracy.
  4. UNIX & Oracle experts
  5. XML & UNICODE specialists

Pure Performance provides training and development resources that will get you to your end result, on time and under budget. For more information on PeopleSoft management and development, contact us today.

Web Design, Development, and Strategy

On the Web development side of the business, Pure Performance serves the small business community. We specialize in creating professional, affordable, functional websites that help your company improve its brand, deliver useful content and grow its customer base. “Image and useful information is everything.”

Pure Performance believes your website should be simple and designed to serve your customers’ needs. Usability should take  precedence over “being flashy”. We will work with you closely so that you are successful on the Internet.

Pure Performance can design (or redesign) every aspect of your site, from graphic design and copy writing to complete web development. We can also host your site and perform a wide range of search engine optimization (SEO) that will help you succeed and be found by your customers online.

We are a small business and we pride ourselves on the level of personal contact that we offer to our clients. Our strong customer service team is always available; you will always be able to talk directly to the people working on your project.

Company Profile

Founded in 1994, Pure Performance Inc. has consulted for companies including J.Crew, ADP, Ernst & Young LLP, AT&T, Lucent Tech, Hershey, Kraft, and Hoffman LaRoche. Our emphasis is on emerging technology and today’s website development challenges for the business community. Pure Performance prides itself in knowing all aspects of the products we support and serving the diversified needs of our customers.

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